10 things a day

Carla Sonheim suggested a clear out for the new year. Which I thought was a great idea. Couldn't wait. Then the overthinking nonsense started. I wasn't getting back home until early on the 4th. In the taxi from the airport I started overthinking things, "hey, if I get rid of 20 things today, tomorrow and Sunday then I'll be all caught up". No pressure though, right? So when I got home I conked out and slept for hours, then more or less got up and went to bed again. So then I woke up on Saturday and thought, "okay, I can still do it if I find 30 things today and tomorrow". That freaked me out a little, so I didn't really try. What is wrong with just jumping in where you are? Nothing, of course and I am trying to learn that. So I've started...
My first ten things are here, with a bit of explanation.

Join us if you would like to, just comment here if you want, or even better, join Carla's 10-things flickr group.