Declutter, and I mean now!

After waking up oh so early this morning and staying up for 3 hours, I crept back into bed with the man and the cat, thinking that he would wake up soon and make us both a cup of tea and we would get on with the sensible, grounding back into real life, day we had planned. Instead, we slept and read and drank tea and slept most of the day away. Another way of phasing ourselves back into real life, beating lonesomeness and celebrating us. I felt guilty, but the practical and wise one said that this was the perfect day to set the stage for 2008 - this year we will be making a sacred space on Sundays, and changing the shape of our week, redistributing housework so that it isn't the focus of the day, and keeping work issues out of our personal space. Reframed like that, who could argue?

Now we are relaxed and happy, we've set up our work week, and are just pottering around home. Having got rid of my first 10-things this morning, I am feeling more relaxed about 'catching up' - a) I don't need to and b) I can do it in stages. I quite like the idea of finding sets of 10 like things, so I will find extra sets here and there. I do want to do more today, so I think I will have a blitz on my artroom before making dinner. The title of this post comes from me feeling procrastination setting back in.