The end of an era

Perhaps only if you've been to Artfest you will understand why this image fills my heart with peace. Walking back to Officers' Housing after breakfast, catching deer grazing on the green, I am quietly filled with joy as I know that I am surrounded by so many beautiful, creative souls, each on their own pursuit of something virtually indescribable. About to dive into a day filled with art, with finding friends both new and those known only across the wires of cyberspace.

I was saddened today to read that Teesha Moore has decided that Artfest 2012 will be the last. She explains it so beautifully in the announcement on her blog, that I do believe she has made the right choice. I am grieving though. As for so many others, my first visit to Artfest changed my life (saved my life?). I have found friends and mentors and a whole community so very dear to me, so very necessary. I have found courage and direction and the tools I need to follow them, even when I'm not sure where they will lead me. So yes, I'm grieving, gently, and with curiousity and optimism about what the future will bring.

And I am so grateful to have been part of something so wonderful, and to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people, many of whom have been guiding lights to me, knowingly or not. Thank you, Teesha and Tracy.

Teesha Moore

Tracy Moore

Judy Wise

Carla Sonheim

Liz Lamoreux

LK Ludwig

Anahata Katkin

Susan Wooldridge

Anne Bagby

Theo Ellsworthy

Dawn DeVries Sokol

And there are so many more, but these have had an impact on my life in a way that I can put my finger on in a very specific way. If you were here I could show you. I may have to yet.



Artfest Preparation

  • embroider and embellish gallery piece
    • bought the thread I needed
    • make 'pebbles' (supplies packed)
    • find beads (packed)
    • make more leaves (supplies packed)
    • stitch everything!
    • add hanging sleeve or something to gallery piece
      • found a great stick
      • needs wire and beads (packed)
      • stitch on
      • make and attach hangtag
  • trades: cut card for more Gocco postcards (40)
    • card has arrived!
    • round corners of Gocco postcards (40)
    • print fronts of same (20)
    • print backs of same
  • trades: assemble 8 more mushroom charms (Sat 3pm)
    • assemble 10 forest folk charms (supplies packed)
    • assemble 12ish acorn charms (supplies packed)
    • trades: embellish 28 hedgehogs (supplies packed)
    • create contact tags for trades done! gone with faux moo stylie & they're packed
      • attach to charms
      • attach to hedgehogs
  • pack class supplies
    • Thursday (3pm)
    • Friday (nearly done: still need to pack watercolours, awl and exacto knife)
    • prepare images and papers for collage
    • Saturday
      • cut 10" paper squares(12) and 13" tissue squares(5)
      • pack metallic leaf, paint shapers, cutting mat, water pot/bottle, plastic knife, stamps, stencils, tin of tiny objects and spray bottle
  • cover 'Hearts on a Night Bus' for a sale
    • stitch
    • cover
    • illustrate
  • scan 'Peep Boudoir' illustrations
    • final scene
    • covers
    • end paper & ribbon
    • side panels
    • assemble

YAARRGH! (I have now started organising the finishing off into baskets, so I have everything in one place to finish a job. I have been kind of all over the place, so this should help - 3pm)

update at midnight - I've crossed out a few things, but not enough. Having the list detailed to this level is really helping clarify my thinking and allowing me to put one foot in front of the other and carry on! Thank you so much for 'listening'...

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Artfest 2008

I am so excited! The Artfest workshop listings are up.
I found the last one so enriching and at risk of cliche, life-changing. I had to take it for what it was and not dare to think of next time. I live an ocean and a continent away and I've just walked away from the world of full-time employment. However we thought and figured and talked and decided that it is so valuable to us that we can make it work. I am so grateful and so energised just at the thought of it. Now to start the long process of choosing.

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