Knitting up a storm

This is a project for people who love yarn, like really, really, love yarn. It has 3 varieties from a mother and daughter working in Nova Scotia (Fleece Artist and Handmaiden), custom dyed for this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle. The variegated colourway comes in Slubby Blue (100% Leicester Blue Face wool, thick and thin and loosely spun), Curlylocks (Kid & wool & some nylon, very fine with little loops on it) and Maidenhair (Silk & kid & some nylon, very fine with a wiggle to it). It is part of a new tradition of souvenir skeins, commemorating our trip to Seattle this spring. It's a thing. No, it is!

I made this to replace a wrap that I loved and lost, so I wanted something bigger than a scarf. I'm still figuring out how best to wrap and wear this, but it is nice and drapey. It's 15 inches wide and over 6 feet without even thinking about the fringe. 

These I've been working on for longer, since early summer 2012. They were a kit from Nest in London and I see they no longer do the pattern, but they still stock the yarn. It was my first time doing cables and actually, if you haven't tried them, they're fairly easy - at this level of complexity anyway. 

This was all part of a big push on finishing. Over the years, I have started a lot of things and finished a lot of things, but I have not finished everything I've started. It's easy to get hung up on that and begin to feel like you never finish anything. That's the lizard talking and we don't listen to the lizard do we? To shut him up I forced myself to finish these off before starting anything new. I have socks and a fox lined up next but haven't decided on one yet.