Looking back, looking forward...

I was inspired by Judy's post on this and she was inspired by Loretta (whose blog I have bookmarked for all the art and photography and joy). I love New Year's - I like the feeling of hope and clean slates. I don't really do resolutions now, because they have an expectation of failure it seems. I do think of it as a time of reflection on the year gone by, and a time to confirm my values and consider how I want to live my life. I often use this book to guide me through the process. As the book and I are an ocean apart at the moment, I decided I would follow Judy and Loretta's example and share some reflection with you here.

Blessings received:

  • The opportunity to spend real time with my parents, step-mother, in-laws, and all three siblings this year, as well as my grandfather, two aunts, two great-aunts and a handful of cousins. This is big, we don't usually get to see so many of them in a year.
  • The wisdom and faith for us to decide that I should leave my job. We decided last December and put the plan in action in July;
  • the opportunity to keep some part-time work in spite of our major decision.
  • Artfest - I met so many amazing, inspiring women and changed my perception and my perspective.
  • Opportunities to share my work in Scrapbook Inspirations and in Dawn's book - 1000 Artist Journal Pages.

Okay, laptop battery dying... more later...