My early birthday present


This picture is just me having a play on the site, not beads that I have! The only one I have is the red one at the end, and that hasn't even arrived yet!

Having discovered these through Jules' Blog (a lovely UKS/Scrapmanic scrapper) I have been so excited. I love the idea of charm bracelets - slowing building up a life story, combining your point of view with episodes contributed by people who love you, based on their point of view. I haven't been able to find one that I like though, as I don't wear gold and I didn't want the same as my friends. I just think this is gorgeous though.

I've bought myself the bracelet and a knotted clasp plus a Red China bead to represent my birthplace and a hoped-for journey. K thinks it's beautiful too and can see buying me them from time to time. We went through and found a variety of beads that would hold meaning for me. The ones I have put on the chain above to get an idea of what I might like represent aspects of my spirituality: yin yang (silver); earth (glass); symbols (silver) includes longevity, life, spirituality, harmony etc.; heart chakra (glass); buddha (silver); green eye of God (glass); transformation (silver) always important; third eye (glass); three in one (silver) to represent eternity, my marriage and the Christian trinity; Red China (glass) which I mentioned above.


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