Wanna feel better about your creating space?

I am lucky. I have a room of my own, just as Virginia Woolf prescribed. It used to be the little bedroom (tiny boxroom that even the realtors called half a bedroom!), then it morphed into the junk room. Ever since the single bed went though, it has been designated a room for me to use as I will and there is a table in there for me to sew. It has seen so many cycles of big sort out - creative use - too messy to use - time for the big sort out again.

We live in a small space in London. I have many interests, and I have done 5 years of university while we've lived here. The walls are bursting at the seams. But we love it. When I left work, my first priority was to declutter everything, but it has been discouraging, when small steps are swallowed up by the intimidating whole.

But I am lucky, I have a room of my own and by damn, I'm going to use it. Today I'd had enough. Why? Maybe because Zenia just moved and it is so much fun setting up a new space. Maybe because I just got back from Artfest and realised that without my space I am less productive. Maybe it's because I am going to IKEA tomorrow and I can buy some stuff to help. Whatever it is, it's not a good idea on a day when you are feeling utterly crappy with some random bug.

So in the name of fresh starts, I am coming clean. This is my space, stripped back to bare bones.Artspace
And in the name of full disclosure, here is something worse. This is everything I had to move from the floor, the table, the window sill, and the chair, to even get it looking like this. Bear in mind please that this is also everything I need to put back, give away or throw out. I am going to handle the shelves one at a time, I didn't dare go any further once the bed was covered.
Now I am going to put some music on, get a wet cloth and see what I can do!

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Moths in the house of quilts

Luckily we discovered them before any/much damage was done. We have cedar balls all over the floor under the bed now, and I am washing things with lavender oil in the rinse. The things that can't be washed in the cold weather have been checked carefully for moth larva and are being stored in lavender soaked pillow cases (not completely soaked!). But oh the panic! I have quilts and afghans by great-aunts and great -grandmothers and textile arts from all over the world. Keep your fingers crossed for me and share any moth-related wisdom...

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