Down Home Project: Shoreline

This is a collection of scenes along the shore. Not quite landscapes and not quite seascapes, I decided that they needed something else. 'Shoreline' seemed to have the right resonance. I'm trying not to qualify them; I'm not 100% happy with them, but the point was to draw and draw and draw.
Dock drawing
Shorescape neocolor II
Seagull by the shore

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Summer Project: Down Home

I'm from Nova Scotia. I've never lived there, something tells me I'm from there. Some things tell me... childhood memories of long summers and long summer days all took place there. Exploring the woods, scrambling over rocks, campfires on the beach, sleepovers with cousins...

...the personal landmarks of both my parents. Mum walked to school through there. Dad remembers the boat shed that stood just there. I know a story about my great-grandfather 'adjusting' that bit of the house...

...the way my heart feels when my eyes rest on the landscape...

...the ocean sounds like home...

So I set my theme for the project as 'down home - observations and evidence'. The altered concertina file in my last post contained 7 sections: journals, shoreline, details, texture, palette, craft, totems. Today I'll share the journals.

DSC_7331 DSC_7338 DSC_7342 

Above: A journal of this summer's trip - I was taught this journal structure by LK Ludwig at Artfest 2007. I think it makes such a beautiful book and it allows you to work very freely and intuitively on your pages, bringing together artwork, photography and collected stuff. 

Below: A dreamy nostalgic reminiscing in the form of an accordian book of childhood memories and indistinct photos transferred from inkjet print to acrylic paint.


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