Learning to be...

I love the web. It took a long time for me to get this blog thing, but, turns out, I was just reading the wrong blogs. I love the web because it connects me to my people, to people like me, to people I can learn from. A few reminders of this happened today.

Reading Zen habits. I found this listed on Ali Edwards' blog on Monday, which was Blog Action Day - I basically missed it this year. So many good ideas her for living the kind of life I want to lead. A few of my favourites: simple living; zen productivity; and today's post about consumerism.

I am so grateful to have discovered Liz Elayne's blog. Her title says it all, be present, be here. I am reading through her past posts, and I am finding beautiful photography, poetry, art, wisdom (and I am stalking her etsy shop too!).

Don't forget to check out the people in my blogroll. I am keeping it small and real, the people I check in with every day or two, the people who influence my world in many little ways.