Away in the north


I am in Shetland at the moment. It is my in-laws golden anniversary, so we have come up to be with them. I am very happy that we did, because as their other children can't be here. I am scanning in their old slides and restoring them for an anniversary present. It is lovely work as I get to see old family memories and hear the stories. Slow work too though. I am looking forward to relaxing, feeling brisk air on my face, smelling the sea, shopping the picturesque high street in town. I am planning to buy nice hand-dyed Shetland wool for making crocheted flowers.

I am starting week 3 of the Artist's Way and am still enjoying it. I spent two weeks on week 2 which was all about identity; that is a big issue for me so well worth taking the extra time on. Reading the chapter for week 3 surprisingly brought tears to my eyes at one point. She was discussing how people develop detachment as a defence mechanism and it just struck a deep chord with me. I got a flash of me in hurt defensive mode and flashbacks to a younger me and it was all a bit of a revelation.