I know it's been awhile

It feels like I haven't been writing much. I normally follow a pretty strict but simple rule that each post will contain an image and a chunk of text. Not too much to ask, surely? Leaving my job was a huge life choice and the right one, but I have had an emotional and vulnerable couple of months.

An update for new readers:
Having taught nursery and kindergarten all my adult life and completed three stages of qualifications along the way, last year I was promoted to director of studies at the private school in London where I teach. I love teaching, so never wanted an admin role, but this allowed me to keep teaching and have a voice in curriculum and policy decisions. However, a handful of things happened in our community and our families that reminded us emphatically that life is short and precious.

K and I share many of the same values, centred around home, family and the environment, and these had become ever more neglected over the years in the rat race. We opted to live a simpler, more authentic life. So I resigned from both roles. As it turned out, I was offered a few flexible hours a week on curriculum, and some supply teaching work - the perfect balance, especially for the transition year.

Everyday I am grateful that we made this choice, and that we share the values and strengths that make it possible. Any transition is difficult though, and there have been some surprises. It has been hard to let go
of measurable success. I keep catching my inner critic at work,
expecting myself to be instantly on top of budgeting, household
routine, cooking wholesome food, living an artful life. It has taken me by surprise too that people have responded with such jealousy, immediately backed up with reasons why they couldn't do this.


As promised, an image. I think I have shared this page before, but it seemed fitting, and I love the photo that my dear friend Z took for me.