Me!Me! or is that la meme?

In response to a challenge by Ching of ukscrappers, I have taken a moment to think about 5 ways that I love to slow down and pamper myself.

1. Reading in bed. I always have a book on the go, and that's a small pleasure, sometimes just one more thing to fit into the day. But for real luxury, I need to take to my bed when it's not even bedtime, curl up with a cat and a quilt and immerse myself in the world of the book. If I have a bag of caramels and an obliging man to bring beverages, so much the better.

2. Breakfast on the deck. Mornings are hard for someone who enjoys the night as much as I do. But. Sometimes. I am awake before the house gets busy, and I take my mug of coffee, some fruit and a muffin out on the deck at Dad's or at the cottage and soak up the day. (this year I was defeated by four spiders and three wasps at Dad's - but managed it at the cottage)

more later...