Returning... having stomped off!

I stomped off before, because having completed my last three ways to spoil myself, the network at work crashed (blogging at work? I was not! Who says so?) and I lost my post.

So... ways I slooooooow down and pamper myself.

3. Guilt-free creative time.  Time that is set aside for making art and I can just enjoy it. I make art other times too of course, in snatched moments. It isn't the same though when your to-do list is lurking over your shoulder coughing ominously.

4. My Mum calls me MapHead. I love strolling around cities, whether I know them well, am exploring new areas of London or visiting a new city (if I feel safe of course!). I love soaking up the buzz of a city, watching people go about their daily business, wondering where they are headed. I am quite lucky in that I am able to carry the map around in my head and translate my surroundings reasonably well and get to where I want to go.

5. Bonus time! This is time where I expected to be elsewhere, but am not. Like if I get home before five, my work to-do list is abandoned for the day, and I don't feel I need to start my home to-do list yet. It's bliss! It used to happen when I did babysitting too, and a family would cancel. Bonus! Free evening.