Seeking, Searching, Asking

Been playing here: The Enchanted AlchemistSpirit_strand_for_centering  (via  truly playroom)
It reminded me to think about the need for the spiritual, an aspect that has been neglected and stunted in my life of late. I collect my spiritual moments here and there: from the feeling that envelopes me if I hear "Seek ye first the kingdom of God" sung in harmony; from the small buddha spotted, tucked in a friend's flower bed this week; from the Haida prayer songs I heard in BC in the summer.

I found my brief and shallow encounters with the West Coast native cultures inspiring me on towards learning more about them. A wonderful moment shared when I was moved to tears by the Hiada prayer songs at Cappilano and noticed at the end of the dance the older Haida woman had to wipe away tears, as did the young woman student dancing with them. I felt we had shared something so powerful and beyond words. Another thing that spoke to me was the concept of spirit strands. Although so simple in concept, and nothing I couldn't create myself, I bought many for women I know as a tangible representation of the wishes I hold for them. For my youngest, on-the-brink sister - growth and centering; for another sister, middle sister, little sister, there-through-it-all sister - centering and tranquility; for my friend-sister-type-person - healing; and for myself - growth, centering and friendship.

And the books I am lost in at the moment? Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, in which the Seeker of Truth, communes with spirits, confronts leaders of different faiths, seeks balance, pursues destiny, and of course... the truth.

Listening to... Home (Michael Buble); Sitting, Watching, Waiting (Jack Johnson); Wash Away (Joe Purdy)