Nourished, body & soul


It's hard to know how much to limit the subject matter of a blog. Blog guru who list "ten top tips" for blog success usually recommend sticking to your niche; I feel that doesn't apply to the blogging community I love. We don't do this for money or fame (it's nice if that follows, and very well-deserved in the cases I know), but from passion and a quest for kindreds.

Most often, my blog silences are a result of that tension, between what I'm doing with my days and whether  I think that is appropriate content for here. That only got worse once I added my name to the website and attached it to my artist books. The answer for me, at least at the moment, is in what I wrote in the bio when I first started blogging, back in July 2005, is that I want to record my creative journey.

More and more, who I am as an artist is hard to separate from who I am, period. This is one of those posts. The meal in the picture above perfectly sums up a lot of how I want to live: it's colourful, inspiring, close to nature and the epitome of abundance. I feel like the last to join the party on this one, but in case I'm not, this is what people call a Buddha bowl. I think there are other names, like big bowl, but a search for that just gave me stuff about a restaurant. 

I don't eat meat, and I need to have protein in every meal. It's easy to get trapped in the same old options. And preparing interesting salads can feel like a chore, and eating UNinteresting salds can feel like a chore! This felt like a feast. It was bulghur wheat, baby spinach leaves, red pepper, spring onion, mushrooms, sweet potatoes roasted with garlic and hummus, all topped with avocado dressing (the recipe site is broken just now, I'll try to link later).

Have you tried Buddha bowls? Or do you call it something else? Got any good recipes?