The Magic Dress


I'm just having so much fun right now making things I can wear. I've had the urge to get back into dressmaking for a couple of years now. I've mostly expressed this through the buying of sewing books.

Then of course, came the Spring of the Socks. I feel very loved up whenever I'm wearing handknit socks, even those that were, let's say, more learning experiences than skilful creations.  I think that got me over the hump and I bought a simple pattern and some fabric back in May. I was intimidated by trying to start back in at my old skill level and this simple pattern was definitely the way to go.

The picture at the top is a different dress in progress, and the result of an awesome birthday gift! The lovely Z and I headed off to Canning Town last Sunday for a workshop with Chinello Bally, a finalist on The Great British Sewing Bee this year. She taught us how to measure ourselves and cut straight on the fabric - no pattern! - to make a very elegant, vaguely Greco-Roman (there's draping) maxi-dress. I need to get good pics of mine, but then I will share. 

The magic? The class had all ages and sizes and shapes of womanhood you can imagine, and every single one looked gorgeous in this frock. That's what we need more of, fashion that flatters us and makes us happy, not standard sizes that fit no one perfectly and make so many women feel less than good enough. No thank you.