Regular Journal Action (oh yeah!)

You may recall my pointing you in the direction of the inspirational Julie Balzer a while back. She is encouraging us all to art journal everyday (that link is a really handy gathering place for her related posts). And I have. Not big amazing multi-layered pages on a daily basis. No, come on. But yes, most days, painting or sticking or writing in one of my journals. Keeping it handy, for when inspiration hits. Reassembling my journaling kit with the materials and tools I use most often now. Some recent pages at different degrees of complete:

I often stick quotes in I want to save and then work around them later. I used to save them up until I had the right thing, but they just got stashed. This way they get out and have the power to inspire me. I was using this turquoise on something else and thought how great it would look with the orange, so splashed some around.

In Copic sketch markers using a teeny tiny magazine image to draw from - still loving those pens, especially when I experiment without worrying if I am using them right!

And a nice juicy, splashy painty page, made for random notes and jottings.

Thanks for stopping by...