1st Saturday Scrapping (on the 3rd Saturday)

My friend and I started something new last year. We both find routine and schedule difficult, perhaps because it is essential in our day jobs. We were both disappointed that we weren't scrapping much, and even starting to wonder whether we'd actually stopped. So tadum dadum daDUM... in comes.... First Saturday Scrapping. It's a standing date and we're on our 6th now. I am really enjoying scrapbooking again and rediscovering my own style as well as my stash.

A whimsical tribute to the party we went to recently as the collected works of Dr Suess. I made my costume from scratch in one afternoon and was so pleased with the result. I thought that the rainbow paper from my Studio Calico kit was too perfect to resist. I'm not 100% happy with the doodling I added, but I wanted to add a sense of sketching and illustration.

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a memory that she will carry with her forever, and quite possibly represents the first time I have ever scrapped something within a week of it happening!

Simple, maybe even boring. But it's an important one, not only because it includes a rare photo of me (that's two this week!) but because it documents my goals for the year. It's a statement of intent, one I clearly needed as I had completely forgotten about at least two of them!

Thanks for stopping by...