Back from V Festival 2009


Well, I survived it. Survived the deflated air mattress, survived the portaloos, survived the throngs, survived the lack of proper showering, survived living out of a backpack... and it was worth every minute of it. Now I'll have to add to my list of bands and artists seen live:

  • Dizzee Rascal

  • Razorlight (for the 3rd time)

  • The Killers (my main reason for going this year)

  • Snow Patrol

  • The Script

  • Elbow

  • to some extent: Athlete, The Ting Tings, Paolo Nutini, The Proclaimers and Katy Perry (not great sound where we were sitting)

  • and more that we overheard, wandered past, caught a song or two

Now to finish weeding through nearly 400 photos, which caused some drama yesterday when it seemed I had lost them. A bit of nifty techobabe action though, and all is well.