Wellie Love

Getting ready for last weekend's V Festival, my friend and I were looking for wellies. I've always had curvy legs, and I am not at my slimmest at the moment, so we were both looking for wider calf styles. In the end I decided to alter a standard pair. It was very easy, so if you want to accommodate rounder calves or just fancy a shorter style, here's the how-to in 3 easy steps:

Wellie love 1

Trim to the length you want. Regular scissors can cope with the rubber, but don't use your best pair. I put them on and carefully cut down the seam at the back until it was below the curve of my muscle. This turned out to be a little less than 15cm, so I carefully marked 15 cm down all around the boot.

Wellie love 3a

Choose a material to cover that raw edge. I used some denim from an old pair of jeans. Cut a strip 2 1/2 times the depth of cuff you want, and a bit longer than the circumference of the top of your wellies. Fold this strip lengthwise, wrong sides together, and oversew the raw edges to the inside of the boots (I used quilters' tiger tape to keep my stitches even). Fold the cuff over to the outside of the boot. I used my crop-o-dile to fasten the overlap with the big eyelets.

Wellie love 3

Update: it didn't rain, so they only made the journey from the tent to the portaloos!