5 Cameras I Love


I am a camera geek and proud of it! Part of planning any outing is deciding which camera I will take with me. Some days are analogue and some days are digital. I guess it's odd that I not only have more than five cameras, but that I have five favourite cameras! I am planning to sell or give-away the others, I promise, but it has taken awhile to figure out which way my photography was going.

The Quality CameraD50
The Nikon D50 is a digital SLR. It isn't the newest model, or the highest spec, but it meets and exceeds my needs. I use it when I travel to new places, when taking portraits, and taking images that I know I will crop in photo-editing software.
The Old School Analogue FriendLca+The LCA+ is a film camera from Lomography. It is based on a Russian camera that was out of production and was revived by a group of Austrian students, crazy for analogue. It takes sharp, saturated photos with a degree of vignetting at the corners.

The Throw-It-In-Your-Bag-and-Take-it-to-the-Gig Camera


The Canon SX200 isn't the smallest point and shoot, but in my view it is the perfect gig camera. It's small enough not to alarm the security guys  but it has a 12x zoom and works well in low light. It's new, but I have been delighted with the gig photos I've taken with it so far.

The Arty Hard-to-Explain Camera of Retro Goodness


Based on cheap toy cameras from the 1960s, the Diana F+ shoots medium format film, but can be adapted to take 35mm or instax mini. It gives you unpredictable dreamy, vintage looking photos, some with vignetting. It has changeable lenses for different situations and shoots square, standard and panoramic prints, with or without sprockets showing. I tend to talk it out when I am doing photography for the sake of it.

I Fell in Love and I Can't Explain It


It's called Blackbird, Fly. It shoots 35mm film and you can show your sprockets. It's really hard to shoot with, as you have to look through the top viewfinder and work back-to-front. It's another one for art walks.

Well, now you know something that I don't tend to share with everyone! It is a true passion though, so I felt it was worth putting out there.