Blogging for Scrapbookers

 Blog layout
This is the first day of my second November class Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers. I hesitated about taking the class, because I'm been blogging for a while now, and sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with the social side of online classes. Once I drop out of that loop, it is easy to step away from the class altogether. In the end, I figured we could all use a little blogspiration from time to time, right? And even if I can't keep up with the boards, I'll discover some great new blogs that I stick with after the course ends. 

I have been in a phase of self-exploration, a kind of autumnal feeling and feeling a little shut down and self contained. I've been trying to take it to my journals, but even there have felt wordless, playing in colour and collage and putting off the writing. I bought an inspiring book from Jen Lee, called 'Take Me With You - a journal for the journey' and I feel that it may tip me over, may break the dam and let the words flow forth. I'm greeting this course with the same attitude, challenging myself to dig a little deeper, to share more openly.

The layout above was in Scrapbook Inspirations a while back. It features a rare photo of me, with my old laptop and my old blog layout. I loved that layout, but the white text on blue was hard on the eyes for some of my favourite readers. The 'download here' tab attaches to some hidden journalling:

 In July 2005, I started my blog at I wasn't too sure what I would write about, but I wanted some gallery space for my layouts and photography. Over the last 3 years, I have found my voice. I mostly write about my creative journey and my views on life and I continue to share my photography and artwork. My blog allows me to keep up with far-flung friends and family more easily. I have made several new friends as well, some of whom I have even gone on to meet in real life. I also read the blogs of friends, people I've met at art classes and events, and artists I admire. These offer me inspiration, laughter, comfort, advice and new techniques. Blogging brings more art into my life and allows me to share and reflect on my own creative work. I love it.