I'm an Online Workshop Hoor, Me

I love my 'internet friends'. Don't get me wrong, of course I love my 'real life' friends too, and in a very different way. Many of my internet friends are people that I have met face to face, but only once or twice. The intermawebs allow us to make connections with folk that we may not meet otherwise, with shared interests and values. Sure, some of those connections are more real and lasting than others, but even at it's most shallow, you get that happy feeling that a good gathering can give.

Recently my online class habit has grown out of control. That's a confession for another time. November sees me with only two though. 


Over in the 12 Days class secret blog, Kirsty and Julie have given us a fun quiz to keep us busy and stop us from wrecking the place while we wait for the workshops to begin. And they've kindly said we could share, so here goes. I'll underline my first instinct decisions. (oops, some I couldn't choose!)

This OR That?

fabric OR paper

ink OR paint

grungy OR clean (totally depends on the project)

cut with scissors OR tear with bare hands (ditto)

measure OR just guess

careful OR haphazard

hoarder OR minimalist

ChristmaOR Summer holidays

music OR talk radio

drive OR walk

gym OR beach

cook a meal OR buy take-away

fruit OR cake

ironing OR crafting

ironing OR vacuuming

my friends OR my own company

talk OR listen

you OR them (we'll take turns nicely)

always OR never (both make me feel panicky)

half-full OR half-empty

yes OR no

Feel free to share your answers.