Ultimate drawing playlist

I don't like to do people's advertising for them, but there is a human impulse to share when you find a good thing. I didn't really get the point of *genius* playlists before, but maybe I didn't have enough music loaded yet or something. I let *genius* loose on "Cinnamon" by The Long Winters (found them through Shimelle's cream cheese frosting recipe, bizarrely) and suddenly by bizarro eclectic collection of tunes seems ultra cool. Not sure I'll be able to pull myself away from it, it has been perfect for all manner of creative and house-tidying ventures this week.

Cinnamon     The Long Winters
Breakin' Up     G. Love
Fresh Feeling     Eels
Kathleen     Josh Ritter
Such Great Heights     Iron & Wine
There is so Much More     Brett Dennen
Mykonos     Fleet Foxes
C'mon C'mon     The Von Bondies
Six Different Ways     The Cure
Forever     Ben Harper
Bohemian Like You     The Dandy Warhols
Fell in Love With a Girl     The White Stripes
Scared Straight     The Long Winters
Off the Hook     Barenaked Ladies
Hold on Hope     Guided by Voices
I Don't Know     Lisa Hannigan
You Don't Make It Easy Babe     Josh Ritter
Caring is Creepy     The Shins
The One Who Loves You The Most     Brett Dennen
Oxford Comma     Vampire Weekend
Free     G. Love
Three Marlenas     The Wallflowers
Catch     The Cure
Walk Away     Ben Harper
Caroline     David Gray
Fighting for My Love     Nil Lara

If you know other stuff I need on there, please let me know!