Routines - necessary evil or just evil?

I have a lot of art in my head right now, so why is it that all day long I find nonsensical little boring things to do to keep me away from my art table? Then I go to bed, having run out of time, and lie awake designing book pages and print designs in my head. If I don't work the next day, fine, sometimes I get up and work.

After a year away from full-time work, I have realised that I do need some routine, as much as I rail against it. I have set up my work week this year so that I have less room for procrastination. I'll have two early mornings and Monday - Wednesday will be divided between my art classes and work. Then I'll have Thursday and Friday most weeks for artwork for my course, other artwork and the admin of art.

For your entertainment, a photo of me working on my sofa when I don't have my artspace tidy enough to work in.
Kelly at the cyber crop small