What stops you blogging?

For me, it is usually not having images. Either I'm been making art, but not photographing it. Or I have stuff to say about life, creativity and everything else, but I don't have an image ready to illustrate it.

I'll try and catch up today. I have a remodelled bookcover for a journal inspired by Nova Scotia. I have prints from the rubber stamps I've carved since spring. I have sketches I worked on in NS too. And I have to pull it all together into a project due in 2 weeks.

Speaking of Nova Scotia, home of my soul, one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada...
We have the opportunity to visit and explore there next summer, along with the chance to take classes with some amazing teachers. It's going to be about 60 people in a lovely inn in a beautiful location.Lesley Riley, LK Ludwig, Judy Wilkenfeld and Claudine Hellmuth will each be teaching two two-day classes at the retreat. It's mainly journalling, which I love. Just look how lush the classes are...

(The images come from the Art and Soul Retreat website and are the property of each of the artists. Hover over them for the artist and class title, or click to see the workshop description.)

Lesley Riley - A Journaler's Journey
Lesley Riley - A Common Thread
LK Ludwig - Journeys, a journal of daily travels
LK Ludwig The Poetic Moment
Judy Wilkenfeld - Charlotte O'Charlotte
Judy Wilkenfeld - With One Photo

I haven't added Claudine Hellmuth's images because they are in a different format, but she is teaching Collage Discovery Workshop and Waxing Poetic.

I'm taking Collage Discovery workshop with Claudine Hellmuth and The Poetic Moment with LK Ludwig. I can't wait.