I am a night owl. That is part of my personality, and just the way I like it.

but on the other hand

I am an insomniac. I lie awake, thoughts racing through my brain, the chance to sleep flying out the window as dawn and the alarm and the work day loom ever closer.

I think I sabotage myself in part, because I enjoy the night so much, and maybe I even worry I would be less interesting if I went to bed earlier. I know that's weird, but we all have these little self-illusions. One of mine is the image of smart, creative types pulling all-nighters, black coffee in hand, cigarettes burning. Okay, I don't smoke, but you get the picture.

So I am giving it a try. I am drinking herbal tea, Dr. Stuart's Valerian Plus, to relax me before bed. I am drinking tincture of valerian in bed to quiet my mind and let me drift away. And to round out the night I have finally invested in one of those dawn simulating clocks. The light gradually comes on over half an hour, which triggers your mind to do natural waking hormone stuff (you've got to make sure it's enough lux and full-spectrum - hubby with a flashlight pointed at your face will not have the same effect!), then your alarm goes off at the set time, with birdsong, or surf, or froggies (you can have beeping or the radio, but hey, I'm being a good girl and going to bed, at least grant me my whimsical chirping alarm sounds!).

So far so good, I'm waking up more willingly, and haven't pressed snooze yet!