Gratitude delayed but undiminished


edited to add: this has been sitting in my drafts folder, I thought I had posted it already, but, um no...

A few weeks ago, I was touched and delighted to be awarded the "I love your blog award" by the sweet and talented Nelda Ream. I was even more touched when I read her post on the award - so generous. Do take the time to explore her blog, she has some beautiful work on there, and a sneak peek of her upcoming article in Somerset Life.

I don't know what has taken me so long, it has been a lightning speed kind of month.

So on to spreading the love...

I can't even tell you how many blogs I have in Google Reader, and I try to keep up with them all, although the frequency varies with the pace of life. Certain people though always make my day better, so even if I only have five minutes for blog reading, I will check in with these. In no particular order... I love these blogs:

  1. Carla Sonheim of Snowball Journals. Carla has been so generous and encouraging over the past 18 months, a time of huge growth in my artistic life. She has a fun cereal box transfer tutorial on her blog right now.

  2. Liz Elayne Lamoreux at be present be here. Liz is incredibly productive, but also incredibly grounded. I'm amazed how often a visit to her blog rewards me with exactly the words I needed to hear at that very moment.

  3. Sharyn Tormanen at Live from Tormville. Inspirational scrapbooker, mother of four and a hardcore daily blogger. She always makes me laugh, photography is amazing and her scrapbooking focuses on the story and the pictures, which for me is the whole point.

  4. Amy Giles at Amy Rehnae. She's living the dream... she was just published, takes classes, and shows and sells art. And it is good art.

  5. Dawn Sokol at D'Blogala. She's bringing art journalling to the people, celebrating the good and encouraging those new to it, all that and she manages an impressive amount of journalling and blogging herself too. Make sure you check out her book 1000 Artist Journal Pages too (and if you get your hands on a copy, I'm on page 159).

  6. Andrew Borloz at &drew. Beautiful books, beautiful photography, he has a fantastic eye, and sees opportunities for art everywhere. I always come away envious and inspired (mostly inspired).

  7. Judy Wise at the blog with her name. I only wish she knew what a big deal she is to me! She shines and gives such gifts wherever she goes. Her blog makes me feel joyful and inspired and reminds me what is good and rich in the world.