Missing in Blogland

I really appreciate all of you popping in now and again to see if I've added anything new. You know how sometimes you just don't have any words? That's how I've been. I think there are a lot of reasons that I haven't been posting lately:

  • My mind has been on my grandfather who passed away at the end of March. I didn't really want to talk about it, and I didn't want anything on here that would make my Mum sad if she was looking at my site while at work.
  • I wanted to express my joy and gratitude for Artfest, but didn't really have the words.
  • Most of my photography has been on film, and that takes more effort to get on here.
  • Not wanting to be flamed for visiting China at such a controversial time (and now such a sorrowful time, as they try to save what they can after the earthquake).
  • Having secret things in the pipeline and, as always, keeping my hopes close to my heart, and not being allowed to talk about other things.
  • Also, I want to change my blog around, so I think I've found it frustrating to try and post without having the time to change things around how I want.

But it feels like a change is in the air, so we shall see.