Wanna feel better about your creating space?

I am lucky. I have a room of my own, just as Virginia Woolf prescribed. It used to be the little bedroom (tiny boxroom that even the realtors called half a bedroom!), then it morphed into the junk room. Ever since the single bed went though, it has been designated a room for me to use as I will and there is a table in there for me to sew. It has seen so many cycles of big sort out - creative use - too messy to use - time for the big sort out again.

We live in a small space in London. I have many interests, and I have done 5 years of university while we've lived here. The walls are bursting at the seams. But we love it. When I left work, my first priority was to declutter everything, but it has been discouraging, when small steps are swallowed up by the intimidating whole.

But I am lucky, I have a room of my own and by damn, I'm going to use it. Today I'd had enough. Why? Maybe because Zenia just moved and it is so much fun setting up a new space. Maybe because I just got back from Artfest and realised that without my space I am less productive. Maybe it's because I am going to IKEA tomorrow and I can buy some stuff to help. Whatever it is, it's not a good idea on a day when you are feeling utterly crappy with some random bug.

So in the name of fresh starts, I am coming clean. This is my space, stripped back to bare bones.Artspace

And in the name of full disclosure, here is something worse. This is everything I had to move from the floor, the table, the window sill, and the chair, to even get it looking like this. Bear in mind please that this is also everything I need to put back, give away or throw out. I am going to handle the shelves one at a time, I didn't dare go any further once the bed was covered.

Now I am going to put some music on, get a wet cloth and see what I can do!