Preparing for the Artist's Book Fair

Oops! Forgot to give you the update yesterday - here's today's situation report...

The books:

  • Cloud Sonnets - ready and bagged

  • Hearts on the Night Bus - printed, trimmed and bound - ready and bagged

    • need to be covered

    • titles and illustrations to be added

  • Things that last a heartbeat or a lifetime

    • need assembling

  • Journals

    • need covers

  • Underground photo book

    • in development, may come together for the show, or not

Stuff for the day:

  • moo cards - ordered, dispatched, but not here yet (fretting) - STILL NOT HERE!

  • book info sheets (to be tucked into bags)

  • price labels and price lists

  • receipts

  • guest book/box for cards

  • table cloth & emergency kit

  • name tag and sign for table

Any tips? From those of you who've had stalls at art fairs, or those who've been to fairs and had good or bad experiences with exhibitioners, all pointers welcome!