A flurry of bookmaking

By the time I got home on Wednesday I was desperate for my bed. It took hours to get warm and I was aches and pains in every part of my body with bones. I'd been feeling like this since Sunday, but hadn't really listened to my body, just shrugged it off and carried on. So Wednesday afternoon and Thursday I stayed in my bed. I feel better now, although I need to take it easy, and follow my energy flows.

At least I had plenty to read. I'm due a library trip, so the shelves are dry at home. The bookstore I passed on my way home on Wednesday had a 3 for 2 offer. So I picked up and set down books as is my usual pattern. If I know exactly what I want, I search for it on Bookmooch, and if I really really want it I try Amazon. In a bookstore, it is much more intuitive. This time it was spookily intuitive - I ended up with 3 books written in the 1st person, where the narrator kills someone. How weird is that?

So now I am busy finishing off the books for my book sale on Friday and Saturday. If you are in London on either of those days, do pop by and see. It's the Small Publishers' Book Fair, and I loved it last year. Prices range from £3 on up, and there are all kinds of books, you can't even imagine - and I know how imaginative you are, but still, you can't. You'll find me at the Everyday Joy table. The leaflet for the fair has more

information in pdf form