January? Blech! aka the January blahs

I am stomping around like a petulant teenager (no disrespect to petulant teenagers intended, naturally). Yesterday and today, my overriding response to almost anything has been "but I don't wanna!" Then today I got talking to someone at work and we realised that lots of people are feeling like that at the moment. I have certainly read that 24 January has been deemed the most depressing day of the year by a British study, so I am putting it down to that.

Progress on my 10-things decluttering:
Perfect example of my blechy state of mind - my camera needs charging. Easy answer - charge it, dear Liza! But the charger is in a box and it is one of two boxes and I don't know which and to find out I would have to look in the boxes, but they are behind some packs of film and I can't move those because there are several and that would be too hard and I don't wanna and you can't make me, so there! I fully expect to get over myself any day now, I am at the stage where I am laughing at my own behaviour, which usually means the end is in sight.

So there are no photos, but I have done 3 sets of 10 things over the past few days.

a) 5 x art supplies that I am not using - a pair of finished dowels, a nice album, a box of wooden hearts and stars, 2 make-your-own scrapbooks - all to be donated to a woman I met on freecycle with crafty children

b) 10 bits of random packaging from the art room, display boxes and packets from embellishments, etc.

c) 10 tiny weird things - bits of wood, bark, film canisters, etc

All of this is quite hard for me, because I always think it is such a shame to get rid of them, they might come in handy and I like to reuse and recycle. But, but, BUT I want to be making art in the art room and if I can't get in there/see the table/find the chair I won't be making any art. And I am really jonesing to make some art!