Early, dark and wet on a Friday morning.


It is, as I may have mentioned, early and dark and wet. We have vegetables delivered on Friday morning, early, and the sweet delivery man always apologises (I think he gathers that I am usually asleep when he buzzes). I did the quick thing I had to do early for work and since then I have been snuggled up on the sofa catching up with emails, blogs, flickr and facebook and listening to the rain. I am not good at facebook, I am not sure about facebook, I am not committed to facebook and yet I like having that marker out there for longlosts to find me.

I have a beautiful, black cat by me on the sofa. It is starting to get light out, which actually feels like a disappointment. I think the wet black was more comforting than wet grey. I am planning to make tea and go back to bed with journals and Art&Life and Cloth Paper Scissors. I am looking forward to getting films developed soon. I am hoping that the postman might bring me back issues of Craft magazine today. It is such a lovely magazine in a thick, slightly smaller format than the norm, with matte textured covers that just feel enticing. Lots of reuse and recycle ideas and really gorgeous projects. I am looking forward to getting going on my ATCs for Bee Shay's Artfest ATC book and my pages for the Artfest Fatbook. I am really excited about making charms again, I've had two ideas.