Joy. Joy. Joy.

I am trying to recreate a post I wrote when I was spilling over with joy and gratitude on Thursday. Then I lost the post and then I lost the saved text and then I lost interest! However, the gratitude continues so I will try again...


Kelly Rae Roberts has been finding hearts everywhere and has a fine collection of sea glass. Reading her blog and uploading my photos from the last week or so in Nova Scotia focused my attention on the bliss of this vacation. I have seen deer and foxes, cormorants and a raccoon. I have spent precious low pace time with family. I got to meet an amazing artist and fine person in the shape of Deanne Fitzpatrick. I have breathed fog and felt the sea and gathered stones and sea glass and driftwood. I have walked and read and had time to just be. And when I was writing the previous edition of this post I was getting ready to spend some time playing with my art supplies with my sister. Heaven on earth. Gratitude.