Nova Scotia Nature Altars

One of the workshops I took at Artfest 2007 was Anahata Katkin's Creative Instinct. If you ever get the chance to take a class with her, do it. Energy flows from her and fills the room and she is wise in the ways of bypassing that inner critic. I have made several nature altars and created pieces based on them since her workshop and I find it a wonderfully energising and fulfilling way to work. Here are some pictures from the one I did last week. The artwork isn't finished yet, but it has already developed since the photo below. I love the third photo - I always travel with art stuff and it tickles me to think how different my 'travel essentials' are to the norm. My lovely husband (15 years this week!!!) saw the picture and said "Ah yes, it isn't art abroad without foil pie plates." At home I just use our plates, but when travelling I don't want to risk staining other peoples' and those foil pie plates will take a lot of abuse!