The Lows

Sometimes I have an uncomfortable relationship with scrapbooking. In some contexts it has such a bad reputation, cutesy and twee, represented by the heavy use of certain items and a style that I will leave to your imagination. I certainly don't mean to disrespect anybody's work, I am speaking about a stereotypical image of scrapbooking. If I feel someone won't understand and I am not in a position to show them what I mean, I'll keep quiet about it, which feels like a betrayal of myself. I've had pages published, both in readers galleries and by commission. What I am aspiring to is my artwork and my scrapbooking becoming more integrated. I definitely believe that scrapbooking can be art. Any doubts? (check out Emily Falconbridge).

It has been an uneasy week. I haven't been sleeping well over the past week or so. I have neither been ill or healthy, just the usual teacher collapse at the start of the holidays, no doubt. I took our cat of beauty to the vet to have a couple of lumps looked at and he ended up being admitted today to have them cut out.  He is home now and well, but it has been a worrying few days.