Cleaning house


I have found over the last couple of years that life and the universe present me with themes on a regular basis. I forget the first one, but it was huge and important and relevant at the time. I seem to have two big concepts floating around at the moment: CONNECT! and clearing space.

So there I am in the art/sewing/junk/little bedroom trying to clear space. I want to make stuff, make art, make connections, and this room is supposed to be the core of that. So I am cleaning house, in the spiritual sense as much as the physical. I am shedding all the hoarding I have done, hoarding in place of doing: books bought without time to make anything; materials and instructions for techniques I tried & rejected; magpie findings; projects gone off the boil. All of that is there, plus books and papers from 7 years of college, boxes of memorabilia, coffee table and travel books. It is a constant sifting and resifting process, but with each cycle, a little more of the creative space underneath is uncovered. And the cat is rejoicing in each new space and claiming for his own. Ha!