Collectively Yours Dare #61

Now that we have opted for a simpler life and I will be at home most of the time, I have time to explore creatively who I am. A message that I have been given again and again this year (and am finally starting to receive) is "Don't worry about style or voice or quality. Just make art. Your voice will come through. You will make lots of bad art and some good." I also think it is important to have some structure for creating (totally against my usual form there) so I don't slip into a morass of daytime television. So I am more or less accepting any challenges that come my way. Pages to submit? Sure. Blog challenges? Sure. Journalling prompts? Why not?

Here is my first official layout from my *new*, simple, creative, low stress life. It's based on Collectively Yours Dare #61 - use up those diecuts!