Buy Handmade Update

If I am buying YOU a present, do not follow the links (if you do, you are baaaaad and I will keep your present!).

For the rest of you, I wanted to share some of the good luck I have had with the 'buy handmade' pledge. I have ended up with handmade gifts both bought and made, edibles & drinkables, and art supplies.

Pretty things from here;

this from this cooperative;

this, that I painted;

and two secret things - I've finished one and one is still in progress;

I made Z a sketchbook that she might kindly photograph for us if she reads this!

This coolness here;

these to send (although it will be next year now);

this prettiness for our house;

this (for me!) with my Christmas money from my in-laws as well as the Golden fluid acrylics I was raving about before;

and both of these too.