Learn Something New Every Day

Words to live by, in my book. Don't you agree?
Actually those words, are in my book now, as well as 'enjoy the simple things'.
Today was the first day of Shimelle's new course Learn Something New Every Day. The challenge for me will be taking her sample and instructions, staying true to them in spirit, yet making them my own.
Here is my first page. I still need to add an introductory sentence, along the lines of "A journal for learning from life," but I haven't quite decided on the wording yet. Perhaps it will come once I have done a few more pages.


What have I learned today? I have learned that insincere people aren't shallow just because you haven't made enough effort to be friendly. They just are that way. And if you put away your bad feelings, and make an effort, they are still who they are. But that is fine, you have risen above it, not been dragged down into girly bitchiness, and if she is insincere and can't resist making little digs... you can just let them slide. It isn't about you, it's her.