I am thinking more countdown than showdown!

So much art on the horizon, it is so exciting. The first date looming is Scrapmanic VI, starting a week on Friday. The classes I am taking are something like: bling it on; mad about ads; and box clever. The tricky thing is that I want to finish my "You Think You Know Me" album and my scrapped portfolio from my Betterphoto course last year before I go. And there is always the mad Photoboxing rush!

Meanwhile, Artfest! Woohoo! Have I even told you I am going? I am so excited and so scared, it will be like nothing I have ever done before. But I am sure that it is going to be amazing. In the meantime, I have signed up for a fat book to commemorate Artfest 2007. I've been involved in circle journals before, but nothing like this. We will all need to make 30 or even 60 copies of our page, but not just copied, embellished as well. On the other hand though, you only need one good idea. It will be interesting to learn about my creative process I think, to be working in assembly line fashion almost, and to a deadline. The other item I want to get going on is charms for the charm exchange. Have a look at this gorgeous page that was shared by somebody on the artbase mailing list.