Crossing the comfort zone

The big event for today was getting my photo taken for You Think You Know Me book. A big deal for me, as I am only very rarely comfortable with photos of myself, least of all demanding photos be taken of me. But, the book explores ten moods of me, so we need 10 photos, right? So my most trusted friend and photographer came round, I threw back a beer - I'm not recommending that for every situation you feel uncomfortable with, but for an uncomfortable photo shoot on a Saturday afternoon, it seemed like the way to go. I'm going through them now, and I'm pretty happy. The initial sort put 29 photos in the No! file and 32 in the Maybe file. Now I am trying to narrow it down to one photo per mood.

Yesterday we had a late night scrapping session and I finally carried on with my Learn Something New Everyday book (also from a Shimelle course). I stopped making pages after a  local tragedy made everything seem trivial for awhile. I really wanted to finish though, and am happy with the two pages I made last night. I think I will give put them into their own album on here.