Apologies for the delay... normal service will resume shortly

I can't believe that I haven't posted since Christmas! I was away over New Year's, and then just getting my head down and back to work I suppose. I have been fairly busy making art. The Christmas journal has a few pages you haven't seen yet (must add them soon). Then Shimelle's art journal project started up again at writtendown.com. I have been covering a circle journal that starts later this week on positive thinking. I really like how it has turned out, another one for the scanning list then.

I have been on a huge decluttering blitz too - around 100lbs of paper recycled, can you imagine?

In between times I have been playing Xbox alot - to make me feel better about the delay in the Xbox 360 - I now believe it is all a myth and none of them actually exist. I am nearly finished Knights of the Old Republic, but stuck on a hard fight there. Currently dwelling mainly in Jade Empire, LOVING that.

Thanks for dropping by...