The Oyster Card of Romance

Some of you were promised the story of my most romantic presents from K. This year he made me grin and laugh out loud for ages and cry. How?

An Oyster Card (pre-pay travel card for London)
A fake letter from Bill Gates
A 1991 TV Times

The Oyster Card is an expression of how much I love London and travelling and exploring. It is also a gesture of K's respect for my independence and need for space, as well as his political views on the London Mayor. He prepaid some money onto it, did all the admin for me, and did me a letter with clip art about to explain his thinking. I grinned and grinned, it is so cool, both the letter and the gift!

The fake letter from Bill Gates represents an Xbox 360 - we have had one on order for months, but there are many shipping problems, so it hasn't arrived and we don't know when it will. Frustrating, but it is not like I have time for it with a week of Christmas Journal pages to catch up on, eh? So in place of a boring IOU, he bought me an Xbox 360 magazine, a game to play on my old Xbox in the meantime (for those of you that want to know, it's Sims 2, YAY!). But, but, but the best bit is the fake letter from Bill Gates. I roared and roared with laughter! I might have to scan it in for you.

And the TV Times from 1991, oh, that is the one that brought tears. It is all about when we got engaged on Christmas Eve 1991, in the morning I woke up and sat through a classic film with his parents without ever telling them, even though the couple in the film were falling in love and getting engaged and it was getting ridiculously parallel. Well over the years I had forgotten what the film was and got two films mixed up in my mind and was desperate to know what it was. He has been researching and researching and ended up finding me a copy of the Christmas TV Times from that year so I could look it up myself. See THAT is romantic!