7 little known things

Anahata issued a general tag on her blog for this one and I liked the idea, so seven little known things about me:
1 - I am truly scared of the dark. Yes, I know I am 34, but you should see me run from the bathroom to the bedroom, trying not to put my feet down on the floor between pulling the light cord and leaping onto the bed. Lucky it is a small apartment. In related news, I cannot sleep with my feet out of the covers in case someone grabs them from out of the darkness.
2nd - I can read music. Bizarrely I can't sing or play an instrument well. But I can read music well enough to sit down and pick out a tune badly.
c -  I can make a CD on shuffle play the song I want to hear if I want it badly enough. Without using the controls mean.
4 - My first real major crush on a celebrity was on Mark from G-Force in Battle of the Planets. And I have a whole theory on pinpointing the start of puberty/womanhood from when a girl's loyalty switches from the good and heroic Mark to the troubled Jason (the same applies to Luke and Han Solo btw!)
5 - I am a Clutter Queen. If I do not take drastic action, and if I ever live alone, I will be one of those people with a little path from the armchair to the bathroom with piles of clutter to all sides. But my piles of clutter with be COOL.
f - I am motivated by fear and stubbornity, em stubborness, em stubbornication. As soon as I think "I could never do that, I decide that I must do exactly that." That is how I ended up walking for a week in the Sahara and also at Artfest. I think it is a good thing, but I just hope there are limits.
last - I have a philosophy of picking up the litter in my path. That ended up being quite funny and eventually impossible at the V Festival last year.

Tagging Caz, Jules and Latharia

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I love my funky wire bird

I made this wire bird in Carla Sonheim's class at Artfest. He is made of baling wire which is so soft we didn't even need any tools. I didn't take him seriously, wasn't sure if he would even come back to Seattle. In the end though I became so fond of him he had to come back to London. If you click on him you can see him close up.

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