I've been there and everywhere... except here!

You know that neighbour down the road? The one whose name you can't remember? You might have known it once, but now too much time has passed and it's just too awkward. That's how I feel about my poor blog, and you, kind souls, who have stuck around waiting.

A lot has happened since I saw you last. I've been away several times. I've worked every hour of the day for six of those weeks. I've been ill. I've been well. And I've been just plain exhausted.

Remind me to tell you about:

  • book-binding in Edinburgh
  • my super-secret project that I am at least free to reveal
  • Shetland
  • what I've learned about business
  • New Mexico and Ghost Ranch
  • Upcoming retreats
  • Blogtacular
  • e-courses

Okay? Good. See you soon!