Have paints, will travel

When I was little we moved around a lot. Not just house, we moved country every couple of years, pretty much. Between the big moves, there were trips home to see grandparents and other family. I got good at packing my bag for the flight. I still approach it in much the same way: something to read, something to do, and something snuggly.

Nowadays, in the weeks running up to a trip, I am pre-occupied with three questions, all related. What cameras will I take? What journal will I take? What will be in my travelling journal kit? This year, the last question had a new thrill to it. I've just recently discovered Peerless Watercolors through the tireless Jane Davenport. They are squares of thin card imbued with super-pigmented ink that acts just like watercolour when picked up and applied with a wet brush. Based on my first experiments, you get a lot of colour from just a few dabs. I'll be interested to see how quickly my palette gets used up. I spent most of Sunday evening creating my portable palette. Because the paper is so thin, you can easily create a palette of many colours on just a single sheet of folded card. I cut little 1.25 x 2.5 cm rectangles for mine. I spent quite a while confirming that I knew which colour was which, by testing them on scrap paper and comparing them to the samples on their website. I had been excited opening the packet and got a few muddled near the beginning of the deck. When I was done I added a blob of the colour to the name on my palette too. Some of the colours are surprising. Viridian Green looks irridescent purple on the card from Peerless but paints up super bright green.

If you want to see more and you're on Pinterest, take a look, but don't blame me if you lose an hour or two.