Poeming it out

One of the ways in which I am showing up and doing the work this summer is through Liz Lamoreux's Poeming It Out workshop. She is just one of my favourite people in the wild, wild web and to spend some moments each day listening to her sharing her gentle self with us is a pleasure. The work she has us doing brings me, for a time each day, deeper in the moment, closer to my journal and closer to myself. Here are a couple of recent poem snapshots. (I was looking for a delicious portmanteau to cover that idea, but poemshot, snap-poem or poemaroid just didn't work for me. If you have any ideas, please please share!)


Silver etched glass bay

Velvet wind buffets my cheek

Yellow grass like fur


Fresh coffee outside 

With feet against worn deck wood

How I am grounded


(edited - first poem was only meant to appear once)