Adventures in Silver Clay

A couple of weeks ago I took the Silver Charm Bracelet and Pendant class at The Make Lounge in Islington. This has been a favourite haunt of mine since way back in 2007. I've lost track of all the classes I've done there, plus a party or two, and I can't recommend it enough. The classes are well levelled and organised for beginners to try out a craft, but they work well for somewhat experienced dabblers such as myself, too. This time they had the lovely Emma Mitchell in to teach Art Clay Silver. Do take a look at her website, her work is just up my street.

I managed to make 12 charms out of my silver clay, but on average you can expect to make around eight. I was surprised to find myself inspired, once again, by the sea. I am, at heart and by family, a Nova Scotian, although not raised there. Time and time again, the rocky shore creeps into my work when I am least looking. I ended up with a necklace with a silver pebble and a silver charm plus a bead (I've changed the chain from the one in class as I wanted more length). My charm bracelet has a silver shell, starfish and feather, spaced with silver pebbles and the pearl-like beads. There were casualities though, a broken feather and two slightly uglier pebbles, poor things.

I couldn't resist a little bit of autumn imagery either. I never can.